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Types of Cleaning Services We Offer

House Cleaning

With Setiamas Services, you get a professional level of service rendered by trained crews. You might have no time to clean your home thoroughly for a one-time period or you need a reliable team of cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of your home regularly. Whatever you need, you will not be disappointed by the kind of cleaning we do.

Office Cleaning

Our team also offers office cleaning services in Malaysia at an affordable price. We can make your office look good all the time for the surroundings to be conducive for working. A tidy space also impresses clients. Want to book an office cleaning service today? Feel free to contact our team at Setiamas Services to book with us today!

Pre-Move in/Move Out Cleaning

Moving house is not an easy task, so leave the cleaning to us. We can offer pre-move in/move-out cleaning at a reliable price. On the other hand, we can be the one to clean the new property where you will move. This will make sure it is brightly clean once you move.Click below to book Pre-Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services today!

Post Renovation Cleaning

Renovating can be overwhelming considering the extent of work and the expenses incurred. Lessen your burden by hiring professional cleaners to do the cleaning. Our cleaners are trained to clean properly after renovation since there would be too many dust and debris left behind. You can now book Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Malaysia with us now!

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our service removes all that stubborn stains, dust,soil, grease and dirt in your rug from carpets effectively. This includes using methods like hot water extraction cleaning, spot removal and dry form carpet shampooing. Click below now to book our carpet cleaning services in Malaysia at an affordable price today!

Event Cleaning Services

If you have any event coming up soon, book our service so you can focus on what you have to do and leave the cleaning to us. With years of experience in this industry, we have completed over hundreds of event cleaning services in Malaysia. We know what it takes to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with our services. Click here to book our event cleaning services in Malaysia now.

Disinfection Services

As reported by WHO (World Health Organisation), CoVID-19 can live on surfaces for 3 days, and that allows for a lot of contacts during that time period. To avoid the virus from returning to the surface after a disinfecting session, It is important for your premise to be coated with a long-lasting disinfectant for a more cost-effective solution.
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